Download TeamSpeak 3 iPa For Free

Download TeamSpeak 3 iPa For Free
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Name: TeamSpeak 3 iPa.TeamSpeak 3 iPa

Developer: TeamSpeak 3 Systems Inc.

Category: Social networking.

Updated: 25 Feb. 2016.

Version: 3.1.9.

Size: 11.7 MBs.

Family Sharing: Yes.

Compatibility: iOS 7.1 or above.

Rating: 17+

Design For: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


TeamSpeak 3 iPa Details And Review:

TeamSpeak 3 iPa is considered as one of the best application for business and social networking.  With this app, you can have long conference video chats with your clients, or you can have a chat with worker guiding them on different issues. TeamSpeak is specially designed for online business  deals etc.a nice; there are many other apps like Skype where you can have an excellent group chat, but the thing which distinguishes TeamSpeak from these apps is that I provide you with your server through which you can control matter, and it’s a highly secure server so you can easily discuss or share your different business files and other stuff.

TeamSpeak 3 is a great app where you are having the authority to remove anyone from your server or to hide him from a while. You can have complete control on your clients or worker while having a group chat you can easily add, mute or remove any of them from the chat. Once you register your Self with TeamSpeak they will provide you with a secure server then you can ask your clients or worker to add that server to their devices, this will bring you more close and will able you to handle your business stuff from everywhere.

TeamSpeak is also available for P.C/Laptop and Android so you can access your server from any device easily.

Features Of TeamSpeak 3 iPa:

Secure network: TeamSpeak is the most secure system with which you can safely share you business data with your clients and workers. Teamspeak provides you with your Server and gives you maximum control over it. This helps you to add or remove anything from the server personally.

Excellent Voice And Sound Quality: TeamSpeak is famous for its great voice and high video quality even during big group chats. People use TeamSpeak for larger business chats.

Full Control Over The Sever: TeamSpeak gives you are the authority to add, remove or mute any of the server members during a live chat or to remove it permanently from your server. It gives you the authority to control your server.

Channels: It is having an option of creating channel with which you can separate your works and clients or you can create different channels for different clients.

Bugs And Error Are Fixed: The previous channels and other kinds of bugs and error have been fixed in this version.

Low Bandwith and Usage: TeamSpeak tries to adjust your bandwidth and usage so that you can easily deal thousands of clients without affecting the quality of the service.

TeamSpeak 3 iPa

TeamSpeak 3 iPa

TeamSpeak 3 iPa

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